Business Philosophy

Open Concepts (Vic) has a simple approach to business:

  1. deliver a quality service, working in partnership with our customers.
  2. do this for a reasonable price that represents value for money.

Our team

Sue Robinson

Sue Robinson

Bid Manager and Documentation Specialist

With an extensive background in documentation and bid management, Sue offers customers a range of skills to bring value to their business.

Bid Manager
  • Co-ordinating bid teams both locally and around the globe
  • Reviewing RFx's and allocating responsibilities across bid teams
  • Identifying risk areas and risk mitigation strategies
  • Driving the bid qualification process
  • Working with pre-sales, services, legal, finance and partners
  • Collating, reviewing and submitting completed responses.
Documentation Specialist
  • Developing and maintaining documentation (paper based and on-line) including application user manuals, system reference manuals, office procedure manuals, system release notes, technical documents, project management documents and policy manuals.
  • Preparing and maintaining standard operating procedures and flowcharts in line with various compliance requirements and regulations.
  • Writing documentation standards and guidelines, and developing standard templates for a range of document types, both internal and customer-facing.
  • Writing business and technical proposals, and developing RFx documentation, both for suppliers and customers.
Russell Robinson

Russell Robinson

Director - Software Developer

As a professional solution architect and software developer for more than 20 years, Russell has extensive skills across a range of environments. He currently specialises in Open Source development, web-based tools and cloud computing.

In addition to offering consulting and software development services, Russell also has a range of in-house developed Web-based software (marketed online) including:

  • FormMail: This product is a free PHP FormMail, which has become an extremely popular form-processing product.
  • FormMail Encoder/Decoder: This product collects orders, payments or other private details securely then encrypts the form results (using state-of-the-art encryption technology) before they leave the server. Works with any form processor and any Windows email program, including web-based email.
  • TectiteCRM: This product is a complete web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • TectiteLIC: This is a software licensing product that uses Strong Cryptography. Russell designed this product to help protect software from theft and piracy. If used in conjunction with TectiteCRM, TectiteLIC can generate licenses automatically and also verify license status.
  • TTMaker: This product is a clash-free timetabling and scheduling system, which Russell originally developed for small groups and festivals, but has been purchased and used by organisations such as Merrill Lynch, New Zealand Government, IBM and several Universities.

To find out more contact Russell or visit our main web presence at


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